How an iPhone can untap your child’s hidden potential

While many parents have concerns that an over exposure to technology may have a negative impact on their children, it can, when utilized to its full potential, have numerous benefits.

One of these benefits is discovering a hidden talent or hobby for your child, which can even be developed into a potential career later on in life. There is also a drive in schools to focus more on technology-type subjects, and therefore exposing your child to these concepts and ideas early on can also place them ahead of their class.

With the increase in use of technology and social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube) from a young age, more and more children and teenagers are developing skills in video and content creation and editing.

If you child is starting out in making and creating content and videos, they will need to utilise some video editing software. Depending on the devices in the home, they can even utilise this software from their phone. Examples of some of these applications include iMovie, Filmmaker Pro, VideoGrade and Clips.

For really professional videos, your child will want to include music in their videos, however, it can sometimes be difficult to find copyright free and cost free background music for video editing download, the concept of which can sometimes be overwhelming for budding video editors when starting out. Helping them to understand these concepts, particularly the issue of what they can and can’t use in the creation of their videos, will give them a mature advantage and teach them valuable lessons.

Parents should not be scared of technology for their children, and should rather embrace it in order to help expose them to potential career opportunities at an early age.