Kids in the Apple TV

It’s certainly not the first time we talk about Apple services in this site, or about Apple company itself. But as long as we deem it useful to our kids, we will continue to do it. Today we bring an interesting issue: have your kids been enjoying the content of the Apple TV?

That’s right; Apple TV has a Kids menu with lots of popular content for children. You can find from the well-known and classic Sesame Street to modern Paw Patrol, which has been a massive hit in many countries. It’s no wonder that Paw Patrol is among the latest Christmas presents trends. (On an unrelated note, Christmas is just around the corner!)

You can watch it on your iPhone, although you might want to use a refurbished macbook pro instead. This way, the content will be shown on a bigger screen. And it is not difficult to get Apple TV up and to run on a Macbook Pro.

How to browse and play

Browing for content is easy. Open the Apple TV app, look for the Kids menu and check it all out. The kids will do it themselves. To play, you can subscribe to a channel, buy or rent a movie or episode, or play what was already purchased or rented.

New playlists on Apple Music

Note that this is not the only available children content in Apple’s service. It was recently noticed that the Kids and Family section of Apple Music got new playlists. The company’s smart approach points in a different direction than the traditional one: instead of relying only on play songs, these playlists present music that the whole family can listen.

If you never did this, try it out. You could be surprised, for instance, how a 5-year-old boy could appreciate the riffs of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 2006 “Stadium Arcadium” album tracks.