Apple Advertising From Then Till Now

1984 was the year with both up and downs. Apple introduced the famous”Mac”; Macintosh personal computer. The first commercial was directed by Ridley Scott, but the directors at the time hated the video. They even called it “the worst commercial they had ever seen.” But the same year they made another TV-ad that somebody said was the best advertisement in the history. This time the goal was to democratize technology by telling people that the power was now actually in their own hands. And we all know about the big success that came out of this.

The Worst Year Ever

If 1984 was an energic time, the next year went straight to the bottom with their new commercial called “Lemmings.” It featured mass suicide, which turned the ad into a complete disaster for the company. The ad was seen as insulting, and Apple had to get rid of 20% of its staff because of the bad results. The famous founder Steve Jobs also left the company in 1985, which didn´t make the situation any better. Apple’s advert for the iOS 10 is cinematic in quality and tone , and the funny thing is that the iPhone has become an old, hardworking man! Maybe it´s a part of how they always have tried to personalize their computers and make them look almost human.

The Success Of Today

Luckily the slogan “The Power To Be Your Best” came into the advertising world the following year and brought back some sales. It remained in use into the next decade. To understand the struggle of Apple, you should know about the famous rivalry with IBM from the start. It lasted as long as into the 21st century. Luckily, Apple and IBM announced a massive partnership in 2014, which ended this long fight. In 1989, Apple released their first portable computer, with the video “Hit the Road Jack.” It became a new success for Apple, even if they didn´t want it to call it a laptop. After Steve Jobs came back to the company in 1997, the story just went one way; up! Now you can find Apple products at at always low prices.